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Robert Day – who he?

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Born in 1957, the son of a railwayman (which explains much) and a fully paid-up member of the beard & glasses brigade, I started with science fiction (NOT ‘sci-fi’, please!) and have ranged far and wide thereafter. As something of a collector of anorakisms, I am liable to be found on a train or a military airbase (with permission, of course) anywhere from the North Cape to the Bosphorous – but always with style. Once a career bureaucrat and viewed by Management as a member of the ‘awkward squad’ (though frankly, they led sheltered lives), in 2010 I engineered my exit from the UK Civil Service for a whole range of reasons to seek my fortune as a professional photographer. In two years, I wrote a book and a number of magazine articles, won two major international photographic competitions, had work exhibited on three continents and made almost no money from it. So in 2012 I returned to software testing (which I’d spent the last 15 years of my Civil Service career doing), first as a contractor and then, from 2014, in full-time roles.

My blog recounts stories from my freelance career, the trials and tribulations of working in a rapidly changing economy, and some of the good and not-so-good things I see in the world around me. Often, my targets may not be what you’d expect.


Written by robertday154

March 20, 2011 at 11:56 pm

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