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This is a message to all those people out there who may have looked at my last blog post, “A Warship along the Ecclesbourne” when it was included in the Ministry of Testing blog feed the other day, and had the completely understandable reaction that it had no obvious application to testing.

You are completely right, and if you feel aggrieved by that, I apologise.

Having written a few blog posts on testing and TestBash recently, I submitted them to MoT with the warning that not all my blogs would be about testing, and it was entirely up to them as to whether they listed them or not. I also dropped them a line when I started drafting the last post to say “Hey, guys – the next blog post isn’t going to be about testing. How can I flag it so that you don’t put it up on the feed?” The silence has been deafening.

I started my blog seven years ago when I went freelance as part of publicising my work and abilities as an author, journalist and photographer. Unfortunately, whilst I had some considerable professional success in those directions (in the form of books and magazine articles published, and photographic awards won), I couldn’t actually make a living from it. Which is why I now work as a tester, and very interesting and fulfilling I find it too. But my blog is about anything that interests me as well as (what I think are) interesting things that I have done, so it might cover aviation, railways, motoring, music, history, science fiction or (small-p) politics, as well as testing.

Of course, you could take the view that if these are things that interest a tester, then they might be of interest to other testers. And I see a lot of interest and discussion in the testing community at the moment about communication, writing and presenting at conferences. And these are things that I’ve done plenty of in my time – see my recent post, Return to the Forbidden City. So perhaps people might gain something from my non-testing blogs.

I have a post in mind about some ideas I’ve been working on about the way that professional self-organisation in general and the testing community in particular are developing in terms of mutual support and wider social campaigning in the digital landscape. I’ve been thinking along some of these lines for a couple of years, and TestBash made me think some more about that. But I’m not quite there yet and I shall need to lie down in a darkened room for a while to let these ideas gestate before attempting to put them into words.

But in the absence of any sort of steer from MoT over how they want to me distinguish between different post subjects, I’m afraid you may be stuck with seeing non-testing stories in the MoT blog feed for a while. So I’m apologising for that in advance to anyone who finds that irksome. And to everyone else: feel free to explore! (And isn’t that one of the things that testing’s about?)


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April 6, 2018 at 9:31 am

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