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No posts for a while, because little remarkable has happened. The new job continues unabated, and I seem to be doing the right thing on a daily basis, which is nice; I keep on getting the flat into some sort of order, though every few weeks I undo all the good work by bringing another car-load of books back from my storage unit; and I’m seeing the benefits of full-time employment by being able to purchase new spectacles (something that was a year overdue) and pay a fairly big garage bill on the car a few weeks before Christmas without too much fiscal pain. I’ve even started getting out and taking a few photographs again.

But I’d become conscious that I had been putting a fair amount of effort into another online activity. I’m a member of the online book blog LibraryThing , and I noticed a few days ago that I’ve now produced over 600 reviews for that site. Mostly, these are only seen by members of the LT community, so I’ve decided to give them a wider airing. I’ve created a new blog, Deep Waters Reading, that gathers together the bulk of my reviews in one place. Mostly, these are for books I’ve read, mainly science fiction but also works of history and railway books. Some of these reviews will be for works that aren’t necessarily the latest thing in the bookshops; but with many people trawling public libraries (where they still exist) and the second-hand book trade in search of subjects not fully covered by the supposedly omniscient Internet, I feel there’s value in talking about some publications that are harder to find, perhaps to inspire others to go and seek them out.

Sometimes, I shall also review films, television or music – recorded or live – but it will be mainly books. Please feel free to explore!


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January 14, 2015 at 10:41 pm

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