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Misleading clients, and competitions

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I had my first cold call from a client this morning.

“Hello, I’m ringing about your carpet cleaning service.”

“I think you have the wrong number. I am a professional photographer.”

“Sorry. I’m looking at the wrong advert.”

If we believed that the customer is always right, even when they’re wrong, I’d be taking bookings now for carpet cleaning.

But there is better news. I entered a batch of photographs in a competiton in Sydney, Australia (ah! the wonders of the Internet!), and I found out a couple of days ago that one of my pictures had been Highly Commended. The competiton is run by the Powerhouse Museum and the theme is “Trainspotting”.

The nice thing is that this is the second time I’ve been commended. Last year, one of my images was also singled out for an honourable mention. So today, here is my commended image from 2010:

Masters worry about light...

…which was taken at Barrow Hill depot near Chesterfield. The new-build A1 locomotive Tornado was the centre of attention at this event, and the photographers in the picture were vying for the best view over the heads of the massive crowd that had turned out to see the engine in one of its first public outings. One brave soul has stepped through the window to check the direction of the light, without stopping to think that this is a rather old signalbox and the outside staging might not be in the best of condition…

And here is my entry for 2011: this rather elegant engine, dating from the 1870s, has just brought us all the way from the centre of Vienna to Ernstbrunn, a rather quiet little town in the depths of Austria’s Weinviertel, or “wine quarter”. This gaggle of experts had got out at every stop along the route to peer in amazement at the intricate mechanisms of this locomotive…

Altdampfgenossen - "Old steam heads"


Written by robertday154

April 18, 2011 at 11:55 pm

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